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Hattrick announces

11-26-2020 Elections for New U20 Teams

In January, we kick off our new World Cup system which, among many other things, guarantees that all leagues in Hattrick can have their own U20 national teams and compete in the new competition formats.

An important step towards this happens now, as we start the process of creating the new U20 national teams for the 16 leagues that currently lack one. A key role in this will be entrusted to the interim coaches, who will be elected next week. For one month, these coaches will be able to start scouting players, create prospect lists, and build a community around the new U20 national teams. No matches will yet be played. Come January, new elections will be held for all leagues, and the new U20 national teams be complete and able to play matches and participate in competitions.

If you are interested in being an interim coach for a new U20 national team, you can announce your candidacy beginning tomorrow, Friday November 27th. The elections will start on Monday November 30th and will finish one week later.

As interim coach you have an important job preparing the U20 national team for next season. You are also welcome to be a candidate in the next election and continue your work when the new World Cup begins.

Here are the countries looking for a steady hand to lead their U20 national teams into the future!

São Tomé and Príncipe, Comoros, Sri Lanka, Curaçao, Guam, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Belize, Madagascar, Botswana, Myanmar, Zambia, San Marino, Haiti, and Puerto Rico.

11-19-2020 Hello, World

Today we take the World page for a spin. With the exciting new World Cup format coming up, we have changed the layout of the World page so that the focus of this page will always be on the current status of the ongoing international competitions. We have also added better visibility for reigning champions (Hooray for them all!) as well as added in a feed of press announcements made by the National teams.

The above changes are all on the new World overview page, which you see when clicking World in the top menu. But you may also notice some changes to World in the left side main menu.

It has now been reorganized so that links to the various international teams and competitions can be found under the sub-menus International (National teams), Club Competitions (Masters and other club tournaments) and National (which holds the links to your local league).

We hope you will enjoy the update!

11-13-2020 Caesar Spor II win the Hattrick Masters

Yesterday evening, Caesar Spor II from Sénégal and Fc Guerez from Belgium were battled against each other in the Hattrick Masters final to determine who was going to take the Hattrick Masters trophy home with them.

At the beginning of the match, it appeared that Fc Guerez was the stronger of the two opponents facing each other. It was very surprising that when a Caesar player was sent off with a red card in the 32nd minute. That it seemed to parallize Guerez completely. At half-time they realized if Caesar had been more efficient, getting a result in the second half would have been next to impossible. However with only 2 - 0 and a man up on the pitch, there were still possibilities to get a happy ending to this story.

The start of the second half seemed to confirm that Guerez still had not given up hope yet, but 15 minutes later the scoreboard was showing 4 - 0. With half an hour still to play this could still go from hopeless to catastrophic. But even in the darkest hour, when all hope seemed lost... a goal or two... there is light at the end of the tunnel! The score 4 - 2 with 18 minutes still to go. Unfortunately for the Belgians, no more goals were added in the remaining time of this Masters Final and so the trophy went to the team from Sénégal and everyone who had not yet left the stadium could enjoy the party 'African' style.

Our congratulations go to Caesar Spor II and their manager Caesar1.

11-6-2020 Lots of Love for The Apps

We've got an extra juicy release for our apps today!

Lots of new pages have been added. You can now create tournaments and invite teams. You can see the skill development, salary and injury history and memorable events of your players. Training estimation for individual players has also been added for Supporters. You can see fixtures, top scorers and promotion status for your series, too.

Want more? OK, then. We've added the training summary, your achievements and your flag collection inside the app. Hattrick Press got it's own place in there, as well! And, we can now notify you when you have forgotten to set youth match orders.

That's not all though! On the design front, the circle button in the bottom right corner of some pages now opens up to a different kind of menu, one we think offers better navigation to the new pages.

Finally, we made some smaller changes to pages that were already in the app. We now show scored chances in the chances table. We show match type and rules on the Challenges page, and we show specialties on the match page.

As ever, the apps can be downloaded for free for Android as well as forApple iOS users.

If you like the update, please consider giving the app a review, it helps a lot.


11-4-2020 A training trim

Today, we are changing the presentation of our training types a little bit. First, we changed the name of some training type so they fit the skill they are actually training. For example, we will call it “Keeper” training, not “Goaltending”,, and “Winger" rather than “Crossing”.

This is to avoid confusion, especially for new users in the game.

We will also present training types grouped into categories that describe how the training types work. “Focused” is always the fastest way to train a specific skill like “Playmaking” or “Keeper”. The “Extended” training types also train one skill but more slowly and for more players at a time. Finally, the category “Combined”, which we useed for “Shooting” training will now be renamed to “Scoring and Set Pieces”.

None of this changes the effects of training in any way.
We just wanted to give you a heads up that things will look a little differently from now on, and that there is no need to panic.

10-21-2020 Summer Time Ends!

On Sunday morning, summer time (Daylight Saving Time) ends, and the clock switches back to standard Central European Time. This means that the hour between 02:00 and 03:00 CET occurs twice. Of course all matches, transfers and so on will happen just once.

10-12-2020 Hattrick Masters Draw!

The Hattrick Masters starts next Monday. The draw for this season's edition will take place today at 15:00 (CET).

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